How to change the toner cartridges


  Please note your printer may look different from the image in the animation


Press the "Rotate Toner" key and the printer enters "Change Toner" mode and the magenta toner indicator lights up (With each additional press of the "Rotate Toner" key, the cyan, black, then yellow toner cartridge moves so that they can be replaced. The indicator for the toner cartridge that was moved so that it can be replaced lights up.)


C130: Main Menu -> Print Menu -> Quality Menu -> Replace Toner

MC160: Printer Mode -> T/C Change -> Replace Mode

Then select the toner cartridge you wish to be replaced.


1. Open the front cover

2. Check that the toner cartridge to be replaced has been moved to the front (you can identify the toner cartridge by the colour of the handle)

3. Pull down the handle on the toner cartridge until the toner cartridge is unlocked, remove the cartridge in an upwards motion then out toward you.

4. Shake the new cartridge a few times to distribute the toner.

5. Remove the safety cover from the new toner cartridge.

6. Align the shaft on each end of the toner cartridge with its holders and then insert the cartridge. Press in the toner cartridge until it locks into place.

7. Close the front cover.

9. Press the "Cancel" key to reset the printer and clear the indicator message.

The printer must complete a calibration cycle (less than 2 minutes) after a toner cartridge has been replaced. If you open the top or front cover before the printer is reset, the calibration stops, then starts over again after the cover is closed.



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