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Learn how to identify the name of your printer and the consumables used in it.

How to identify your printer model

You will be able to identify your printer model from the badge that will be on the front or the top of the printer.

Front Top



Understanding your model

Models of OKI printers can start with either one or two letters (this is what they mean):

B: Monochrome (only prints in black)
C: Colour
ES: Executive Series
MB: Multifunction Mono
MC: Multifunction Colour
ML: Microline (dotmatrix)


Toner Cartridge


Toner Cartridges are attached to the Image Drum and are used to dispense (charge-neutral) toner powder to the Image Drum.

Colour printers come with 4 toner cartridges:

C - Cyan
M - Magenta
Y - Yellow
K - Black

Monochrome printers only print black therefore they only have 1 toner cartridge, Black (K toner).


Image Drum (also known as EPC: Electro-Photosensitive Cartridge)


The Image Drum is an assembly of rollers which uses light energy and electrostatic charge to place toner powder on to a sheet of paper. The Image Drum also holds the toner cartridges.




Once the toner has been placed on the paper, it's fed through the fuser so that the toner bonds to the paper; otherwise the toner powder would just blow off as it comes out the printer.


 Transfer Belt


The Transfer Belt is a revolving belt which contains four Transfer Rollers. The belt statically charges paper and transports the paper beneath each of the four image drums to accept toner.


 Waste Toner Box


Any toner that is left over from the print process is waste toner and is collected in this box.




The staples are for use with the finisher, designed for exact compatibility with OKI products (that support the stapling feature).



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